SGA, TWP and Other Important Numbers

Just as benefits increased in 2013, so too did the amount for SGA (substantial gainful activity).  This is perhaps the most misunderstood amount when people speak of disability.  Many believe they can make this much money and keep their disability.  The truth is that the amount is the gross wages per month, which for 2013 is $1,040 for non-blind persons and $1,740 if you are blind.  The problem comes if you are paid every two weeks – you will go over in the months you receive 3 paychecks when you had been planning on 2 checks per month to keep you under.

But wait!  TWP (trial work period) refers to amounts earned during a specific time frame.  One can both work and receive benefits, but upon successful completion of the TWP, benefits cease!  For 2013, the amount that triggers a TWP analysis is $750 … almost $300 less than SGA!  People often get these amounts confused, and this information is just the tip of the iceberg.  For further information on TWP, go to